Splash Closes In

One week from today Teresa Lindsay will have her latest and first collection launched on the runway of the beautiful inner harbour in downtown Victoria.
Spectators are welcome to come down enjoy the night market and see the live show with a dozen other local, talented designers of fashions and accessories from 7:30pm-9:00pm. If you would prefer seating, there are tickets available click here.
Teresa will be making several announcements and have some of her latest fragrance samples for those who are VIP Ticket holders!



Special thanks goes out to: Melodie Reynolds of Elate Cosmetics, Lynda Bull ofLynda Marie Couture Millinery who is creating my hair pieces / original fascinators of a ‪#‎GEOFASHION‬ kind, Joseph Gonyeau for putting this whole show on, Mandie Konkin for organizing it, Rad Juli and Liana Beliveau for collaborating on custom accessories, Al Smith for his amazing support and helping make sure the runway is going to be lit perfectly, to all the models:Aisling Goodman, Emma Cartlidge, Emma Frisch, Deanna Re, Marlene Roberts, Mira Davis, Kasia Waissmann-Coey, Sonora Angelina, (plus all their parents and families) and support and modelling back-up back stage Meghan Kelly, Cadie Fox, and Catherine Bridge, Cassie O’Neil for the video work for my website (and these photos) which will be up asap, and my parents Peter Lindsay for their love and support, plus Izad Etemadi, Ivan Meade, andConnally McDougall for their constant inspirational work, and for the team (many named above) shooting the photos today for the website which includes hair by Renée Lalonde – thank you, thank you!

Luke Taylor of Loomo Creative Co. for bringing my logo to life!
Karen of Nature’s First Beauty Bar for helping bring the full experience together with my Fragrance line!

Truly blessed! I love the people of this city who love to make things happen!  ~ Teresa Lindsay

Confidence is Key

Confident Women Group-8470


Our latest project to show that all women are beautiful and that it is more than skin deep included some amazing volunteers to help share their inner beauty on the outside in a way that…..

Click here to read the whole story and purpose behind “The White Shirt Project.”

Make Over Georgia

Make Overs are meant to support the transition and visual aspects of enhancing a person who would not otherwise see their natural beauty or haven’t ever felt an interest or way of doing it for themselves. Sometimes they are gift to do something exciting for someone else. This was all of the above.

Vic42 Feature Make Over, 2014
Make over Team: Crossfit Zone, Academy Dental, Elate Cosmetics, Al Smith Photography, LAB Salons and Styling by Teresa Lindsay (clothing provided by Duchess and Duke).


Georgia Thalrose - Make Over 2014 Vic42


Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 8.24.42 PM