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Today Teresa Lindsay, founder of Threaditorial StreetStyle and Fashion Project memoirs, announces that she is producing her own fashion collection, designer originals for Spring / Summer 2016, which will debut as a preview on the runway at the second annual Fashion Splash 2015 in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. Designing a collection is one vision in a series of lifelong dreams Teresa is currently pursuing and she is appreciative of the opportunity to participate with the other incredible local designers. “It is a privilege to showcase with my first collection among the many amazing and talented wheelers of the needle in millinery, clothing, lingerie, redesign, and jewellery, of our city and the very important (often behind the scenes) talent related to fashion – the masters of hair, makeup and styling,” shares Teresa in anticipation for the event.

About Teresa Lindsay Designs
Teresa Lindsay Designs’ are inspired and consumed by the fabrics she selects on her many fabric finding expeditions. As a young woman one of her first jobs was working in a fabric store while she studied fashion in high school. When she walked into the store for work every day, every bolt of fabric spoke to her. With every pattern or texture an image would appear in her mind – very clearly, as to what that fabric would look like as an ensemble or garment. This gift of imagining fabric into clothes has never left her. Her work in the areas of manufacturing swimwear, image consulting, styling for magazines, and as spokesperson on cruise ship television for shopping and high-end jewellery only covered up her desire to work as a fashion designer.

About the Collection
This collection, a series of  works she titles “Siren,” is created from a process for designing clothes she has coined as “GeoFashion” – made of shapes and with a conscious effort to produce an extremely “low waste” factor during the production process. The fabrics are sourced from remnants, bolt ends, refurbished fibres, eco-fabrics and more. The efforts to effect little, and have high-end couture impact is key to her concept. Each one of the handmade items is a one-of-a-kind. There are no patterns, to ensure there is no exact duplication or replication. She plans to specifically create originals and fashions by commission. Designing for each person from each fabric; each piece inspired by the fabric at the time it is discovered. Some edges are raw and silks that are shear, soft and flowing – her use of fabric and design are not typical.

“I want women to feel like they are floating, to exude beauty and femininity with confidence. This is the purpose for which the fabrics I choose are mostly shear.  Onlookers will have to guess where the body stops and the fabric begins.

Some of the designs may remind people of countries or places, or even cultures, but I can assure you it is the vision of GeoFashion and the drape of the fabric that is behind the inspiration. Much of history could be referenced, even Roman times because of the simplicity. I love this idea – the idea of being less restricted.

My clothing may not go dirt biking, and trust me I love adventure, however I hope when women wear them they feel they can walk into a room and jaws will drop. Or feel as if they could glide down the gangway of a yacht dressed for an evening on the town. So our city and this show is the perfect setting for the launch of this collection!”
~Teresa Lindsay

Teresa plans to share a few sneak peak images of the behind the scenes fashion construction. Teresa’s behind the scenes video updates are expected be posted before the first of August. Let the imagination begin… we welcome your comments and curiosity!

In studio, pinning layers…

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 2.15.32 PM


Silks and ribbons adorn the waist…

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 2.17.51 PM


Stay tuned, as Teresa Lindsay’s fashion website will be released soon!
The photo shoot for the collection “Siren” is scheduled for the first week of August 2015.

And the Second Annual Fashion Splash fashion show will be held August 22nd in the evening.
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Editor at Large

In collaboration with many fashion projects, designers and fantastic people of fashion in our city Teresa has also taken on contributing to a local magazine that is wanting to include her inspiring and uplifting suggestions and tips to support women regardless of their status and age. Check out Teresa’s latest work on What’s for Fall 2015 and her article on Waist? What waist? that will help you discover some fashion illusions for the that middle area of our body!

Pick up a copy at the closest grocery store in Victoria, BC or review their website Senior Living. Watch for updates in future articles there is more to come!Photo-2 5