Pants Customized to Fit

Long lost is an art in fashion and tailoring that needs to be revived in a way that serves every kind of woman and simplifies that frustrations around purchasing pants that actually fit.

Check out this latest article that features the news about the up and coming collection featured by yours truly!
Our first night of lavishing in personalized pants happens this week to give our VIP guests the full treatment and for our team to receive feedback on the designs created for Tribute Trousers!

Below features the sustainable eco conscious Tencel Jogger in midnight black with it’s slimming tuxedo side seams this is a dream to wear on a day-to-day basis or out on the town!

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screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-8-53-49-pm screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-9-16-52-pmPhoto credit Al Smith

Celebrity Look

Chill’n in the Summer!
How to look cool and create a quick look, you can try what¬†celebrity’s use for a casual day off which includes the staple toque and aviator sunglasses – a fall back early spring or early fall trend since 2000.




Sleek patterned tights…




Teamed up with lace-up black boots or combat boots would work also!

Bastion Square, Victoria BC

Cycle Chic

The idea of natural beauty doing the every day things in life is something I think cities like Paris have down!
The cycling world here is thought of as a sporty, sweaty activity or maybe thats a perception that I have because I never lived close to anywhere I could bike to – like work or shops.
Or was too many miles to arrive looking like one piece for meetings.
Being elegant and living in or around city is something that’s part of a lifestyle or day trip that can still mean wearing casuals that work with stylish accessories (minus a quirky or chic helmet, which is a good safety tip).


Great shades – sunglasses or items in a tote that you could wear after you step off the bike. Stretchy leggings or casual pants, a great case or basket to carry items from your journey to grab along the way and a simple belt and great necklace – even a great flowing skirt all fit the bill for a sunny or over cast day for riding.


The sandals are very chic in black and very simple. Something classic and easy to wear with anything!


A simple shoulder bag will go a long way! On a bike or on foot. Complete with the ability to hold a IPad or phone this easy of having things at your fingers tips means you can work or escape to anywhere.



Yates Street, Victoria BC


Colour changes everything in an ensemble!
It can change your mood, your impression, the energy in a group and especially the playful way of mixing them together can make dressing more interesting and fun!
Colour also has a way of making you feel or look older or younger than you actually are. FUJI6024-Edit

The white between the two colours (tangerine and teal) really make it pop!
This can be done with most combinations.

Taking the colour right to her feet will elongate the look and create the appearance of being taller.


Elegant minimal day time jewellery or accessories doesn’t take away from the over all bold impression of colours at play.




Bastion Square, Victoria BC


Long coats and spring casuals!
That says it all.
A great moment shared as these two sisters spent time walking between locations to meet Mom on Mother’s day.


Comfort street walking shoes and casuals are offset by
sharp classic hand bags and accessories.


Clean lines make them appear tall(er) and always simple fashion like this draws attention to your face.


Clean make up and naturally beautiful skin, minimal lipstick and tidy brows are great practice for appearing younger on women of all ages.




Yates Street, Victoria BC

Wild at Any Stage

We aren’t talking life or age… we are talking fashion growth.
How have you become more of who you are in your fashion choices?
What determines what you were today verses 20 years ago – experiences? Lifestyle?
Or like our friend Peggy here, part of her she wants to be noticed, the other part of her wants her to just blend in!

We love the black and white, we love the pop of colour!
Something everyone can try!


We love that she was bold with the pattern on pattern!
Good to experiment with this idea from your own closet.


If you are walking lots and NEED comfort, take the non-attention-getting approach with low-key black ankle boots like these.



Blanshard & Yates, Victoria BC

Behind Those Glasses

Behind those glasses lurked a not so shy very outgoing, beautiful woman who we stopped while she was walking unsuspectingly and busily texting!
She cracked a smile to light up a room!
Sometime the smile is all it takes to “make the look.”
On top of her lovely disposition she also wore the layer classic look of all black with patterned slim leg pants.

Notice the light black sweater over the sheer layer poking out over her pants! Sharp way to make everything less revealing.
Plus the hot pop of red on the edges of her glasses!





Yates Street, Victoria BC

Aries in Tan & Navy

Street Corner sighting of a nautical west coast look on this beautiful Aries on her birthday!
Navy and white stripes with denim is a quick casual look that is sharp.
Paired with tan accessories and coat gives a warm effect – visually and literally!




A rich tan leather belt thats loved like this, is the extra piece that works on many other outfits.


Incorporating cuffed denim with ankle boots – gets her brownie points!


Blanshard & View Street, Victoria, BC

Behind the Scenes Blues

This month we go on location for a quick snap shot of local publication Y.A.M. at work in studio VIC42 with a custom couture piece from my collection #ss2016 Teresa Lindsay Couture. The design is a #geofashion dress done in soft cotton jersey with an 80’s angled pattern in blacks and royal blue. This creation came at the request of fashion stylist, Janine Metcalfe for a distinct series on a spread titled “Moody Blues.”

Special thanks to photographer Jeffery Bosdet, model Katie Keough, and make-up by Melodie Reynolds of Elate Cosmetics.


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.11.20 PM