Nature Has a Beauty Bar

So if the term “I’ll lick your face” doesn’t mean much to you… it will in a moment. Meet Karen Van Dyck (middle) a highly trained perfumer and specialist in body and face creams, skin products, and much more! Her company Nature’s First Beauty Bar opened up this past year inside Ingredients on Wharf Street. “Why,” you wonder, “would she open it up inside a grocery store?” Firstly, Ingredients isn’t a normal grocery store, they are a speciality “boutique style” food wonderland! Everything is not only organic but make of pure foods – such as their hair care, vitamins – and they offer a huge selection world foods! So Karen chose this venue because her entire product line is natural, organic and food based – meaning “You can eat your face!” literally.

I was experiencing very challenging skin after stopping all dairy, yeah – no acne – but Uh-ho – it was winter and dry skin was something I had never experienced. Karen literally saved my face!

Karen customizes her products to each person and has wide variety of scrubs, cleansers (unbelievable, one rinse) and more!

Her knowledge is like nothing I’ve ever seen and connections to sources around the world. She is truly amazing.
I spent time there with my good friend Carolyne Taylor (left) and needless to say it was love at first scent!

Experience Karen’s products for yourself and reserve a free facial for a Sunday afternoon or stop in and ask her questions and try a few out – you will be glad you did!

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Fashion “Show of Support”

Fashion Parade of Friends – #YYJ  Supporting Connally Mcdougall Design

In support of Connally, Teresa Lindsay of Threaditorial gathered friends and fashion lovers in Connally’s home town of Victoria BC to parade down “their own runway” wearing the Connally originals they own mixed with their own accessories to complete their look!

“When you see people going all out to make their dreams come true it’s hard not to want to lend hand. I share in Connally’s passion for great, ethical style that is designed for women of the world,” states Teresa, her enthusiasm for another local Victorian making a splash on the world scene was obvious.

Connally Mcdougall, currently, is the Only Canadian studying women’s fashion at Central Saint Martin in London – selected by Niche Magazine she was given a chance to hit the runways of Vancouver Fashion Week. However, for a student there is more involved costs and she is raising awareness for funding her trip and all the materials to produce a high-end runway show (a chance of a lifetime)…. please watch this inspiring video about this very talented young lady!

Please comment on which image is your favourite!


Headdress: Tierre Taylor, Skirt: Connally Mcdougall, Model: Nicole Sorchan

Top: Connally Mcdougall, Model: Brittany Cairns


Top: Connally Mcdougall, Hat: Tierre Taylor, Model: Lindsay Van Gyn


Top: Connally Mcdougall, Headdress: Tierre Taylor, Model: Marcela Lagos




Top: Connally Mcdougall, Shoes: Heart and Sole, Model: Freni Wadelish


Dress: Connally Mcdougall, Model: Linda






Couture Millinery Designer

Putting on the ritz is a part of the everyday for millinery pro Tierre Taylor. The luxury of hats is somewhat faded from the general public these days, whereas fashion lovers tend to embrace the self-expression. Rather than the practical use of hats or headdresses  (providing shade for the face, holding hair in place or avoiding a blustery day) it seems we are more people are concerned that hats mess up our hair but the opposite is actually true.

It’s all in how you wear them! Spice up your wardrobe, or as Tierre would say, “it makes my day to see someone else with confidence and beauty by taking the time to add something great to their look – I appreciate it and so do many other people, even if they don’t say anything.”

For details about the custom designs and the theatre shows that include her work check out Tierre’s website.



Shot in studio with IPhone
Behind the Scenes for

Laura Bemister Fashion Designer

Six years ago, Laura started a line of dresses named after the amazing women in her life. The collection is adored by women for the soft cotton and natural bamboo blend. Once I had the chance to meet Laura, I realized that she was on to something refreshing for women – great shapes, easy to wear, and vibrant colours that make wearing a dress fun again! Her line is called Muse Clothing. For Laura it was key to allow women to celebrate their personal self-expression and in comfort. As well, that the collection be Canadian; it’s made in Vancouver. Laura is one extreme Sagittarius with solid traditional traits and it shows! I lover her energy and spontaneity!

Often she will put on trunk shows in Victoria, watch her Facebook page for dates and locations. Her campaign on Indiegogo is looking to help develop her inventory of 20 new styles and create an independent line (not sold in stores). Head over and check it out, you’ll have the chance to gain a dress in the process of giving!  Launching on International Women’s Day 2014!