Alida – Gown Designer

Alida was brought up to be the kind of woman who would support her family as a stay at home mother, yet was also the kind who never sat still! She always had dresses handmade for her daughters as they grew up. Her ideal for setting up her own business had stemmed from a dream since she was five years old – a room full of gorgeous fabrics flowing all about and in the corner an ice cream chest (of course, because she was five). The vision, minus the ice cream chest, came true when Alida saw motherhood coming to a close. Alida, whose name just happens to also be the name of a little town in Europe that means “beautiful fabrics,” has a unique process of drawing and designing a new custom pattern for Each client, not one repeats. Her workmanship is a Mastery and art form rare to see in our day and age, yet so desirable for that bride of distinguished taste. Alida has produced gowns for such women as Margaret Trudeau and world famous Jazz Singer Melinda Whitaker. The workmanship she had always strived for was to one day produce a such quality that she would dress Princess Diana. Now, after Diana’s passing, Alida keeps the same desired quality and has hopes that the chance will come to dress her new elegant woman of choice, Goldie Hawn. The silk, the structure (you can see her engineering passion is so strong) and the bodice in boning for each piece is exquisite!  Alida’s gowns fit like a glove. Her expectations is that the confidence her clients have wearing her dresses will allow them to be carefree enough to not fuss and enjoy their special occasion whatever it maybe.
In her off season, Alida adds in holiday dresses making and some costumes for young dance troupes.

It’s enough to get me twirling just chatting with Alida – she’s a kindred spirit and is the master of the gown.

Alita’s Boutique

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Matty Conrad – Hair Designer

Matty is one of the most modest, genuine people I have had the pleasure to interview. To me, the significant growth in his career happened because he stayed true to himself.

As I start these conversations, it’s amazing to hear what people have gone through. I often discover they don’t just get there (to a successful place in life) without some sacrifice or criticism by peers. Matty has done amazing. He has seen his fair share of personal change, but he trusted in the gentlemanly values of his grandfather and the idea of a sharply groomed man existing in today’s age. Matty now owns two successful hair salons in Victoria, BC . Within a few short months of our first interview for Vic42 he was named Canadian Men’s Hairstylist of the Year by Canada’s largest industry magazine – Contessa – and deservedly so!
Victory Barber & Brand
Lab Salon
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Teresa Matty

Trish Tacoma – Fashion Designer

Smoking Lily, Head Designer / Owner

I cherished my many coffee latte dates getting to know Trish, particularly because of our shared passion with creative, quirky style and fine wine (well any wine really). Her eccentric and fun ideas span across a complete spectrum, as far as screen printing designs go; ones she finds during moments in the shower that “simply pop into (her) head!” Crows, owls, spiders, human hearts outlined and moose are just a few of the fantastic critters or shapes she is inspired to use in hand silkscreen fabric patterns. I Love it – her clothing in cottons and natural fibres great fitting styles with a little something that’s slightly off the cuff!

There are now three locations to find her pieces/designs;
Johnson Street Victoria BC, Milkman’s Daughter Victoria BC, and Vancouver.
Smoking Lily

Teresa Trish


Ivan Meade – Interior Designer

If you are a fan of the finest Interior Fashions available you will want to follow the work and World Famous blog of renowned Designer Ivan Meade, head of Meade Design Group. He is the quintessential designer of beautiful spaces, minimalism and modern elements combined! Busy professionals, enthusiasts, and clients with distinguished taste have trusted his ability to refine and enhance the visual presence of their homes by bringing them to an entirely new level.
Collaborating with Ivan is one of my favourite shared experiences. He is open, brilliant and extremely positive creative who knows how to interpret ideas and happy to satisfy clients with their vision.


Meade Design Logo


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