Wild at Any Stage

We aren’t talking life or age… we are talking fashion growth.
How have you become more of who you are in your fashion choices?
What determines what you were today verses 20 years ago – experiences? Lifestyle?
Or like our friend Peggy here, part of her she wants to be noticed, the other part of her wants her to just blend in!

We love the black and white, we love the pop of colour!
Something everyone can try!


We love that she was bold with the pattern on pattern!
Good to experiment with this idea from your own closet.


If you are walking lots and NEED comfort, take the non-attention-getting approach with low-key black ankle boots like these.



Blanshard & Yates, Victoria BC

Behind Those Glasses

Behind those glasses lurked a not so shy very outgoing, beautiful woman who we stopped while she was walking unsuspectingly and busily texting!
She cracked a smile to light up a room!
Sometime the smile is all it takes to “make the look.”
On top of her lovely disposition she also wore the layer classic look of all black with patterned slim leg pants.

Notice the light black sweater over the sheer layer poking out over her pants! Sharp way to make everything less revealing.
Plus the hot pop of red on the edges of her glasses!





Yates Street, Victoria BC

Aries in Tan & Navy

Street Corner sighting of a nautical west coast look on this beautiful Aries on her birthday!
Navy and white stripes with denim is a quick casual look that is sharp.
Paired with tan accessories and coat gives a warm effect – visually and literally!




A rich tan leather belt thats loved like this, is the extra piece that works on many other outfits.


Incorporating cuffed denim with ankle boots – gets her brownie points!


Blanshard & View Street, Victoria, BC