Cycle Chic

The idea of natural beauty doing the every day things in life is something I think cities like Paris have down!
The cycling world here is thought of as a sporty, sweaty activity or maybe thats a perception that I have because I never lived close to anywhere I could bike to – like work or shops.
Or was too many miles to arrive looking like one piece for meetings.
Being elegant and living in or around city is something that’s part of a lifestyle or day trip that can still mean wearing casuals that work with stylish accessories (minus a quirky or chic helmet, which is a good safety tip).


Great shades – sunglasses or items in a tote that you could wear after you step off the bike. Stretchy leggings or casual pants, a great case or basket to carry items from your journey to grab along the way and a simple belt and great necklace – even a great flowing skirt all fit the bill for a sunny or over cast day for riding.


The sandals are very chic in black and very simple. Something classic and easy to wear with anything!


A simple shoulder bag will go a long way! On a bike or on foot. Complete with the ability to hold a IPad or phone this easy of having things at your fingers tips means you can work or escape to anywhere.



Yates Street, Victoria BC

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