Personal Styling Tips

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“Decide to be beautiful from the inside out.”


“Give. Period. It will make you look younger.”


“If hats haven’t been your friend visit a hat maker in your city, ask for styles suited to your face shape. Another suggestion is to look at winter caps with (woven) accents that draw the eye upward.


“If pants have become too routine try A-line or Pencil skirts with patterned or coloured tights.”


“Don’t wear everything people expect add something personal and with a feminine twist.”


“Wear bright colours on rainy days. Walk with a bright umbrella for visual pop and street safety at night.”


“Pick the favourite fashion rules your mother taught you and toss the rest that were less positive or less helpful. You are a grown
woman set new style standards for yourself.”


“Bring in elements of lace or tailoring to give elegance and “sexy” to your current clothes without crossing a point of – that’s too…..”


“Pick a fashion blog or website that you schedule personal downtime to read over once a month.”


“Get real about what has to change to for you to feel confident. It has less to do with clothing than you think.”


~ Copyright 2014 quotes by Professional Stylist Teresa C. Lindsay

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