Shopping Tips

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“There is enough selection in fabrics that wash and wear without wrinkles should be a non-issue unless of course you adore linen.”


“Do as men tend to do – invest in 4 or 5 white shirts (blouses) they will change your morning routine (making it easier) and you can do so much with them!”


“If you find a pant that fits, buy three and keep two in storage or buy two more in other colours.”


“Shop by feeling the texture of the clothing. Own several textures in several different pieces that layer.”


“One item if a trend colour can carry you through the season. There is never a limit unless it’s not a good colour for you close to your face.”


“Shop shops that you haven’t been to around your city, by foot and with a girlfriend to simply explore without any goals – familiarize yourself with Fashion for the Fun of feeling connected to new ideas and your community and include lunch.”


“Go shopping not to buy anything and play with fabrics. You will be surprised.”


“If you don’t like to shop or your are an executive without any time – either plan extra time to shop on vacation or hire an image stylist. It will save you more money in the long run. I know because I am one and the results and re-assurance are such a relief.”

~ Copyright 2014 quotes by Professional Stylist Teresa C. Lindsay

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