Long coats and spring casuals!
That says it all.
A great moment shared as these two sisters spent time walking between locations to meet Mom on Mother’s day.


Comfort street walking shoes and casuals are offset by
sharp classic hand bags and accessories.


Clean lines make them appear tall(er) and always simple fashion like this draws attention to your face.


Clean make up and naturally beautiful skin, minimal lipstick and tidy brows are great practice for appearing younger on women of all ages.




Yates Street, Victoria BC

Beige and Black Classic

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6644

Classic cream, beige and black stunning and simple!
Make this look with what you have in your wardrobe.
Heals, black and a skirt would work too.

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6655

Art-deco necklace is flashy and sharp finish.

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6646

All purpose leather black purse, you can never go wrong!

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6652

Soft edged hat, for day or evening…

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6648


Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6647


Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6658


Al Smith Studio, Discovery Street, Victoria BC
Evening Street style taken indoors!

Layered Simplicity

Fall 2015 Threaditorial - Van Visitor-6571

Beauty in the fall leaves of Autumn finds a stranger from across the pond
in Ross Bay. The cemetery gardens by the ocean somehow makes a perfect October backdrop!

Fall 2015 Threaditorial - Van Visitor-6571-2

Our Vancouverite waits for her husband finishing up the Marathon…
Her layers so perfect weekend retreat West Coast wear – how so you ask?

Fall 2015 Threaditorial - Van Visitor-6573

All the pieces are elegant casual with simple, clean and golden / silver accents that are tasteful.
A small gold chain and gold zipper polish off her quilted vest.

Fall 2015 Threaditorial - Van Visitor-6572

A camel coloured handbag goes with “everything” and is fitting for short trips.

Ross Bay, Victoria BC

Vintage Finery



There were poodle skirts and more at the
annual Vintage Fall Show.
Hundreds in attendance and standing room only fashion show runs 25-26th!



All legs…


All friends in fine attire…


And then there were some serious shoes… of another platform!


Full skirts to twirl..


And exotic flair to twirl some more!


Candid Group shot – thank you ladies!



Crystal Gardens, Victoria BC

Top of the Town

Victoria welcomes home for a visit the worldly and wonderful milliner Tierre Taylor. Her recent publicity with Humans of New York and life in Toronto has kept this bright and talented worker of couture hats a whirlwind experience with lots of national and international buzz. The creative pieces were on show at the new location of Heart and Sole on Fort Street. The open house danced with familiar faces in the fashion and fashionistas. Retro and vintage looks all hand crafted by Tierre as well as the ever popular fascinators! ¬†Hosts, store manger Freni and, shop owner, Keith were on hand coordinating their array of fine footwear with Tierre’s exquisite finery for the guests.

IMG_5717 IMG_5723 IMG_5724 IMG_5727


Fort Street, Victoria BC
Heart and Sole

The Perfect Purse

Some people love brands. Some “swim” in bold colour. Some want nothing to do with them.

What makes a great purse? Let’s explore some options and see where you may be able to discover hidden clues to a good looking purse with purpose.

It’s all in the details.



Statement pieces (bold coloured shoes or handbags) are able to take a simple quick day to day look and create some influential pow with serious colour. Brights for summer, reds and darks for winter.

Two handles or not two handles? That is the question. Straps and handles can get very tricky. Two on our shoulders are often easy to hold and open however, there is always one that never stays on the shoulder and constantly falls off. Our vote is find a purse with a strong one shoulder handle.



Weaves are great for summer and dress down more formal business looks. Just remember to keep them clean and look for solid tight weave for longer lasting purses.



This is the secret. The higher the quality look and feel of the hardware on the purse the more tasteful and expensive it looks. Even if the bag is not a designer brand. The one giveaway that it’s not, is the hardware.




More animal friendly quality bags are being produced everyday. Ensure that the bags you look for are within the standards of production that suite your personal ethics. Buy vintage to endorse the “reuse” concepts on leather items.




Statements are made by top designers with their logos and initials woven into the fibres of their handbags and accessories. We vote for tasteful and elegant however there other shoppers and purse owners who love splash and bling. There are plenty of options out there. Some less appropriate for work, yet wearing weekend or evening bags occasionally can spice up your look.




Shopping and Pinning on Pinterest are great ways to get inspiration! Use these tips to narrow down handbags you think you would need to replace worn bags or to take your look to the next level.

Next time we will look at function and compartments. One good time is to find a small cosmetic size or designer wallet that transfers with your favourite lip colour, mobile devise and cash / cards into any bag at any time….


Motivated to Celebrate People

Want to be inspired? What are some life lessons you have experienced?

Threaditorial Founder Teresa Lindsay shares the purpose for her work celebrating the people she photographs in #streetstyle images and how celebration has shaped the world around her.

Watch this fantastic short video shot by Cassie O’Neil Cinematography, taken during the Illumination Event with other great motivating speakers earlier this year, (2015).
Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.11.33 PM