Behind the Scenes with Ivan Meade


Behind the scenes
of Behind the scenes…. love this shot of Ivan Meade taking his versions too!
The very talented team as we have said before worked tirelessly to produce a brand building photograph of Ivan Meade’s first collection of designer interior fabrics. A creative undertaking that we especially proud and honoured to be a part of.

Thanks to a beautiful fog that rolled in we had a natural white wall illuminated by the sun, a complete gift and total surprise that helped make this such a memorable photograph.

Please leave comments below that you would like to make and we will be sure to share them with the team!

Al Smith and team setting up lighting


Hair on model Mary Rubin by Lab Salon


Ivan and Monika Kurc


Perfectly bookended fabric matching for the 12 yards of fabric – uncut – to create an elegant couture dress.


Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 9.45.34 AM

Threaditorial founder and stylist Teresa working in behind Mary to help with positioning and fabric placement.

Breakwater, Victoria, BC


Mary in studio with Melodie Reynolds of Elate Cosmetics


Team photo before heading out – IPhone Pic thanks Al Smith.

Victoria, BC

Ivan Meade Shoot – Behind the Scenes



Principal designer and creative genius behind Meade Design Group
Ivan Meade strikes out to produce a coordinated collection of interior fabrics that is going to take the design world by storm. Palpable, elegant and timeless this memoir of Ivan’s life in fabric patterns and textures is sophisticated and breath taking.

“Being asked to participate in the production and styling for the marketing photo session was an incredible experience and true honour to work with such a talented production team and brilliant visionary such as Ivan,” expressed Threaditorial founder Teresa Lindsay.

Take a look at the behind the scenes photos in Ivan’s blog as he shares his experience working with Teresa and the team, from conception to final photograph.

Photography by Al Smith
Dress (12 yards of uncut fabric) by Monika Kurc
Model Mary Rubin
Hair by Renee Lalonde of Lab Salon
Make-up by Elate Cosmetics founder / artist Melodie Reynolds

Sky Blue Student

campus 2014-8561

Gorgeous campus day and the breeze brought by a classic boyfriend
high school letter jacket look with deep navy, almost black skirt.

There was even lettering on the blouse!
And to completely tie together the outfit, perfectly polished shoes.

The final pop was the sky blue gold studded handbag!
Everything looked smart and fresh…

campus 2014-8568



campus 2014-8573

University of Victoria, BC


Beauty and Brains

campus 2014-8576

Beautiful weather for fall allows for short skirts and boots on campus!
Smart sense of style means keeping it simple yet playful.  An easy look for busy mornings,
this combination is relaxed and comfortable – the rich coloured skirt centres the outfit!

Try combining looks from various seasons to see what you can create from your wardrobe.

campus 2014-8576-3

Caring about the details of hair or make up that is both beautiful and
simple to do is a confidence booster all day.

campus 2014-8576-2


Uvic, Victoria, BC

Window Shopping

windows fashion 2014-8580

Sometimes the best way to spend the day is window shopping with a girlfriend. Even on a lunch break or weekend getting in some fresh air during the cooler months or even in the heat of summer you know you can always dodge inside for a break form the weather! This is also a way to train your eye to look for layering techniques, latest colours and unique displays that make you consider new options in wardrobe or ways to wear what you already own!

Be spontaneous! Be fun! And Hydrate! Bring water or a hot beverage with you and wind up at great location for drinks or a meal afterwards!

Blue & Always Happy

Alicia 2014-8466

Rarely is bright blue a toque colour of choice…
However it works for a fun way of playing up blue jeans
and the killer smile doesn’t hurt either!

Big fall fashion pick has been plaid; make it fun by adding infinity scarves
and a cropped jackets like this one.

Alicia 2014-8472


Broad Street, Bay Centre, Victoria BC

Man and Dog

Dog and guy-4064

Often all it takes is a dog to make an outfit!
Really the attention grabbers are going to be three things:
cool pants in a cool colour (love this wine shade, skinny leg),
a puppy and a great smile!

Great skinny tie with a dense, almost knit, fabric very original.
And the charming pocket square, polka dot no less!
Lots of blues in various shades right down to the socks.

Dog and guy-4066

Discovery Street, Victoria BC

Toque Series – Black on Black

Jen 2014-8449

Click the image to reveal the whole look…

Weekends, days off and two-day or three-day hair wouldn’t be the same without them on the west coast.
This is especially fun when you pair the toque to your own hair colour…
add soft waves and your afternoon outdoors is quick and easy!

Quick morning tip:
If you go with a black toque any colour works in the middle if you pair it with black pants.

Find a few toques that work with your look, hair colour and pant / skirt collection.
Keep make up lush and natural.

Jen 2014-8456

#Streetstyle Model: Jennifer Utley of Seattle!
Founder of Project Girl Crush
Thank you for pausing for pictures. Please come back and visit us any time!

Discovery Street, Victoria, BC