Warm Grey & Paprika

When cooler weather kicks in we need to be creative with layers and colours.
A fitted warm fleece with a pop of paprika will do the trick!   IMG_3389








Include clean lines and handbags or stylish backpack designs with details in the hardware and handles,
plus a blend of colours like this one that will go with almost anything for casual day wear.




Moss Street – Victoria, BC


Beige and Black Classic

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6644

Classic cream, beige and black stunning and simple!
Make this look with what you have in your wardrobe.
Heals, black and a skirt would work too.

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6655

Art-deco necklace is flashy and sharp finish.

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6646

All purpose leather black purse, you can never go wrong!

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6652

Soft edged hat, for day or evening…

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6648


Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6647


Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6658


Al Smith Studio, Discovery Street, Victoria BC
Evening Street style taken indoors!