Vision of Hats – Tierre


 -photo by Al Smith, Tierre & Teresa

Recently we watched as the world discovered Ms. Tierre Taylor and her story about her hats was shared with the world as captured by Humans of New York!  I wanted to share the undying support that the fashion community has had for this talented young milliner long before the papers and media thought she was News! Tierre is likely busy at the moment – yet going to handle it all very well. Those fans that grow and support others in Celebration will too shine on the inside. So my advice is to celebrate the success you fine in the world around you!

Tierre is very talented and has her own unique style that will make all her custom hats very valuable because they are piece of her!  Getting to understand Tierre and her reason for her love of hats weighs-in over the long term after all the papers move on!  Learn more, connect and follow... join her vision!

Previously featured on in Victoria.
Photo by Al Smith 

Global News article on Tierre.

Spring Layers – I

Thread Spring 2015 1-6230

Spotted a new hat fresh from France!
Yes the one on the left… and the layers of Westcoast Spring weather include
hats or toques with curls / waves, a pop of colour (reds and blues) and…

Thread Spring 2015 1-6237

 solid bottom darker colours that always keep you looking taller!

Thread Spring 2015 1-6238

Carry-all hand bag with fine finishings and multi-colour scarf to pull together with multiple outfits.

Thread Spring 2015 1-6239

City casual-chic ladies!

Thread Spring 2015 1-6240


Lower Johnson Street, Victoria BC


Exclusivity Rises Up

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 4.20.27 PM~photo by Al Smith, Fashions by couture designer Connally McDougall 

With the recent pulling of big box retailers out of Canada comes further confirmation that bigger is not better and that mass production is harmful to the local based economies of the world. It also opens up the conversation about a new direction that I have seen coming for a long time – that is, people want to go back to what is original, unique, or  exclusive, even custom. The bulk-buy mentality limited quality and has made everyone appear to dress the same – many of us in black outer wear or dark colours to almost neutralize our image. Variety but on higher level of quality will produce originality in what we put on (wear), the styles, the colours, and how unique it is to our personal path of discovery. For example, finding items when we travel, or meet a local fashion designer.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 4.18.27 PM~photo by Al Smith, Fashions by couture designer Connally McDougall 

Solopreneurship has been on the rise also and contributed to this movement toward exclusivity and quality products and services. This has increased also with more women developing their own ideas into popular businesses and connecting within their communities. In our generation we are also seeing more support for this by their male partners and it has been transforming the shift and access to both men and women making these ideas and dreams come to fruition. Examples would be new organic perfumes, handmade clothing by local women & men or groups, original jewelry and locally grown herbs into teas – all becoming ways to get something unique to share and build community. Creation and necessity are the mother of invention and new inventors and creators are born everyday – it’s inspiring to say the least!


Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 5.19.44 PM~ photo by Al Smith, for Vic42, clean cosmetics creator Melodie Reynolds of Elate Cosmetics.

Inspiration for this Threaditorial Blog was from this article….

Link to designer fragrance making a come back at Bergdorf Goodman (NY proper).