VIC42 Celebrate Your City

Started as a side project for myself and business partner Alan Smith, Vic42┬áhas extended my view of the world and the people around me a 100 times over. This “snapshot” into their world is part of a live archive on the amazing people that live in our city and the inspiring journey’s they are on. It’s a privilege to share time with them and celebrate their passions! Feel free to read through their stories share and connect with them through the live links in the feature. Take a dance class, learn to cook, read their latest book, watch them reach new goals, or attend their next LIVE show!


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Connally Mcdougall – Designer of Ethical Fashion

Connally oozes fashion, fashion sense, and ceaseless energy to express herself. She is also the on the verge of becoming one of the best in the world. Keep a close eye on this one! Cloud funding herself to fill the tuition fees, after being accepted as only 1 of 3 Canadians and only 1 of 43,000 applicants accepted to attend the prestigious school of Central Saint Martin in London this resilient and powerfully charged woman is talented to the core with the needle and thread, vision and daring edge to design whatever her heart desires. Her submission, a creatively crafted “work of art” for a look-book to the school was full of vintage mens flare with plaid from memories of her grandfather and head garb in Egyptian robe and patterns with completely modern twists that gave me goosebumps!

Following her passion beyond all her family’s life struggles and love for her sister, Connally is a light that will traipse the runways of the future, just wait until she gets out!


Photo Credit Al Smith