Behind the Scenes Blues

This month we go on location for a quick snap shot of local publication Y.A.M. at work in studio VIC42 with a custom couture piece from my collection #ss2016 Teresa Lindsay Couture. The design is a #geofashion dress done in soft cotton jersey with an 80’s angled pattern in blacks and royal blue. This creation came at the request of fashion stylist, Janine Metcalfe for a distinct series on a spread titled “Moody Blues.”

Special thanks to photographer Jeffery Bosdet, model Katie Keough, and make-up by Melodie Reynolds of Elate Cosmetics.


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.11.20 PM






New Year New Beliefs

Something I personally find helpful to do all year is to reevaluate my mind processes and my thoughts. During a drive to town today I caught myself thinking “Why do men make more than women?” Than it hit me. “Who did I buy that from?” “Where and when did I get sold this belief.” So I decided, I decide.

This could be said for anything you think or believe.
Change what you think.

I’d like to add, change what you wear, just for fun!

Please share your eye opener thoughts for 2016….
Happy New Year!


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