Fashion happens right before our eyes with the turning of the seasons!
Enjoy window shopping the streets of Victoria, the new looks, layers and accessories. ~ T

Spring Colours Thrive!

Elements of refreshing colours and bright windows return!
February 2015, Government Street, Hemp & Co.

Thread Spring 2015 1-6268

Highlighting a NEW kid on the block.

Recently opened in September Italian designers invade fashion strip of Government to showcase a collection of light weight travel / lifestyle wear that’s made of Organic cottons an silks, bamboo, waterproof and luxurious, great slim fitting clothing line for year round that dries quickly!   Four Weeks of ProtoXtype Clothing will pack in ONE CARRY-ON!  PLUS you could go from dead of WINTER to the middle of the DESERT! How would you get all there? In customized travel bags, computer cases – of course, and they have smart stocking stuffer ideas like wallets… check out PROTOXTYPE.

December 2014 – 1238 Government Street – ProtoXType

Protoxtype Winter window 2014

November 2014 – Suasion, Johnson Street

windows fashion 2014-8580

windows fashion 2014-8581

November 2014 – Indigo, Johnson Street

windows fashion 2014-8588

windows fashion 2014-8592

windows fashion 2014-8591


November  2014, Knickers, Johnson Street

windows fashion 2014-8594

windows fashion 2014-8596

October 2014, Dutchess & Duke, Government Street



Bridal – The White Peony, Government Street


Full Window of pure love!



Silk screen prints for Fall – Milkman’s Daughter sister store to Smoking Lily, Government Street



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