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Vintage Expo 2014-8379

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You know Fall has arrived when style divas are on the hunt seeking out Couture fashions, collectables, jewellery, antique trinkets, and a treasure trove of unique items found for sale at this particularly colourful event.  PS…It’s a hat mavens dream!

Wandering in search of particular add on’s for the home or just to put some vintage spark into your wardrobe is like cruising all of Victoria’s vintage hot spots in one location. There is a chance for shoppers to get familiar with hidden boutiques and meet the professional connoisseurs themselves who keep this tradition alive in our city!

Not to mention, the treats, and live entertainment line-up throughout the weekend.
Be sure to catch it next time, visit their site.

Vintage Expo 2014-8378


Vintage Expo 2014-8385

Kasia of Duchess & Duke, Consignment Boutique with a collectors twist.
1824 Government Street, Victoria BC

Vintage Expo 2014-8387


Vintage Expo 2014-8388


Ladies of Vintage Row

Vintage Expo 2014-8390


Vintage Expo 2014-8391


Vintage Expo 2014-8397

Patterned short set, played up. Quirky and fun!

Vintage Expo 2014-8394

Jewellery and collectables.

Vintage Expo 2014-8401



20’s Flapper look made modern for the any day look.
Accessorizing with gloves just dolls it up.

Vintage Expo 2014-8402


Vintage Expo 2014-8403

One busy lady you should get to know, Jenny Ambrose cooridinated The MakeHouse workshop area for families.
Anyone can learn the fine art of sewing and much more with her ongoing
monthly calendar events! Located at 833 1/2 Fort Street.

Vintage Expo 2014-8407

#VFW Front Row – Saturday

Treasures of new designs by designers from all over the globe spilled down the runway this week and Threaditorial catches  you up with the runway action from the front row of Saturday’s show! Featuring designs by Lubov Tumanova (cover photo), SOME PRODUCT, Aaizel, AIAIE, and Ocksa.
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Hot and sporty… original colourful print fabrics

VFW 2014-2-2


VFW 2014-2-3


VFW 2014-2-4



Spanish influences… an ultimate in feminine

VFW 2014-2-5


VFW 2014-2-6


VFW 2014-2-7


VFW 2014-2-8



Modern female silhouettes and silk patterns / shear outlining with shadows…

VFW 2014-2-9


VFW 2014-5964


VFW 2014-2-10


VFW 2014-2-11


VFW 2014-2-12

VFW 2014-2-13


VFW 2014-2-14


VFW 2014-2-15


VFW 2014-2-16


VFW 2014-2-17


VFW 2014-2-18

VFW 2014-2-19



Urban mixed mediums with statement pieces reflective of our time…

VFW 2014-2-20


VFW 2014-2-21


VFW 2014-2-22


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Backstage at #VFW

Connally SS15

Moments like this are part of life that make you look back and say to yourself, “Did that just happen?” I have been a huge supporter of Connally Mcdougall as a person and designer since we met two years ago. Being introduced to this extremely talented young woman was the starting point of many amazing ideas and projects, photo shoots and shows, conversations and big vision planning. This past weekend I had the privilege and honour of not only seeing her work hit the #VFW runway but to step back stage and see everything in full swing. Her patience and collection spoke volumes about the kind of person she is and where she is going. There are many more wonderful years in store for us with new looks from this designer. Though London based I have no doubt we will see plenty of her back here on the West Coast. For now I encourage others to follow their passions, to see show live (any kind music or otherwise) to support local visionaries and not just big movie production and televised media – the events you see will shape you as a person, meeting the people will change your life.

I am so pleased and appreciative to be a part of the fashion world by sharing my perspectives and the eye on the street with #streetstyle through Threaditorial but to share these stories.

If you would like to support Connally Mcdougall and her work, I know personally that contributions to financially to help bring about her next collection and her shot at fulfilling invitations to other shows world wide – like Beijing – would be greatly appreciated. What you should know about her collection is that it is not only beautiful but she is one of the only Couture Fashion designers who is purely working under ethical practices and production of Eco-fashion at this level and risking tons to do so. Not necessarily to be the leading advocate but to do what is ethical and right in overly tainted industry that fills our waters of chemicals and environment of pollutions.

Contact Connally

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PLUS, watch for our Saturday Coverage / Photo Series of #VFW.


Models wearing: Connally Mcdougall #SS15 Running Through Thunder Collection

VFW SS15 Connally-8354


This blog post is dedicated to Connally (for her dedication), to Alan Smith my loving confidant and photographer (who made the trip and shot the runway show while I was backstage) and my friend Andrea Lucik who was an amazing contributor of support and handy work behind the scenes helping Connally pull of her show. Without your help it would not have been the same!

Past Show Images: Connally Mcdougall #FW14 Collection from #VFW