Warmth & Colour

This time of year it is easy to fall in the black trap. We can certainly lighten our mood and feel the warmth of the season by switching up our outer layers with bright colours as well as colours that let us be seen in dark stormy weather, especially here on the wet-coast.
December 2015-6712


Without being tacky, some festive cloves in bright prints are both warm and practical. So make the prints playful!
December 2015-6716

Keep dry with umbrellas and hats that are also some unique colour so it easily coordinates with lots of items in your collection.
Mustard, red, tartan, for starters… or this wonderful moss.

December 2015-6717

Thank you Cloe – it was a great way to start my morning!
You are a wonderful person too.

December 2015-6718

Yates Street, Victoria BC

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