Vision of Hats – Tierre


 -photo by Al Smith, Tierre & Teresa

Recently we watched as the world discovered Ms. Tierre Taylor and her story about her hats was shared with the world as captured by Humans of New York!  I wanted to share the undying support that the fashion community has had for this talented young milliner long before the papers and media thought she was News! Tierre is likely busy at the moment – yet going to handle it all very well. Those fans that grow and support others in Celebration will too shine on the inside. So my advice is to celebrate the success you fine in the world around you!

Tierre is very talented and has her own unique style that will make all her custom hats very valuable because they are piece of her!  Getting to understand Tierre and her reason for her love of hats weighs-in over the long term after all the papers move on!  Learn more, connect and follow... join her vision!

Previously featured on in Victoria.
Photo by Al Smith 

Global News article on Tierre.

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