#VFW Front Row – Saturday

Treasures of new designs by designers from all over the globe spilled down the runway this week and Threaditorial catches ¬†you up with the runway action from the front row of Saturday’s show! Featuring designs by Lubov Tumanova (cover photo), SOME PRODUCT, Aaizel, AIAIE, and Ocksa.
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Hot and sporty… original colourful print fabrics

VFW 2014-2-2


VFW 2014-2-3


VFW 2014-2-4



Spanish influences… an ultimate in feminine

VFW 2014-2-5


VFW 2014-2-6


VFW 2014-2-7


VFW 2014-2-8



Modern female silhouettes and silk patterns / shear outlining with shadows…

VFW 2014-2-9


VFW 2014-5964


VFW 2014-2-10


VFW 2014-2-11


VFW 2014-2-12

VFW 2014-2-13


VFW 2014-2-14


VFW 2014-2-15


VFW 2014-2-16


VFW 2014-2-17


VFW 2014-2-18

VFW 2014-2-19



Urban mixed mediums with statement pieces reflective of our time…

VFW 2014-2-20


VFW 2014-2-21


VFW 2014-2-22


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