Trish Tacoma – Fashion Designer

Smoking Lily, Head Designer / Owner

I cherished my many coffee latte dates getting to know Trish, particularly because of our shared passion with creative, quirky style and fine wine (well any wine really). Her eccentric and fun ideas span across a complete spectrum, as far as screen printing designs go; ones she finds during moments in the shower that “simply pop into (her) head!” Crows, owls, spiders, human hearts outlined and moose are just a few of the fantastic critters or shapes she is inspired to use in hand silkscreen fabric patterns. I Love it – her clothing in cottons and natural fibres great fitting styles with a little something that’s slightly off the cuff!

There are now three locations to find her pieces/designs;
Johnson Street Victoria BC, Milkman’s Daughter Victoria BC, and Vancouver.
Smoking Lily

Teresa Trish


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