Beige and Black Classic

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6644

Classic cream, beige and black stunning and simple!
Make this look with what you have in your wardrobe.
Heals, black and a skirt would work too.

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6655

Art-deco necklace is flashy and sharp finish.

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6646

All purpose leather black purse, you can never go wrong!

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6652

Soft edged hat, for day or evening…

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6648


Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6647


Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6658


Al Smith Studio, Discovery Street, Victoria BC
Evening Street style taken indoors!

Motivated to Celebrate People

Want to be inspired? What are some life lessons you have experienced?

Threaditorial Founder Teresa Lindsay shares the purpose for her work celebrating the people she photographs in #streetstyle images and how celebration has shaped the world around her.

Watch this fantastic short video shot by Cassie O’Neil Cinematography, taken during the Illumination Event with other great motivating speakers earlier this year, (2015).
Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.11.33 PM

Young Blossom

Thread Spring 2015 2-6292

This Week’s Inner City Blossom was pink like the trees
such a graceful little one who loves to dress herself…

Thread Spring 2015 2-6296

Creatively she reminds us to add a little bling to anything and
that the bigger stitches can make any outfit more island feminine.

Thread Spring 2015 2-6298

Bright eyes!

Thread Spring 2015 2-6300

So sweet, topped with braids.

Thread Spring 2015 2-6302

Herald Street, Victoria BC

Is This Menswear? Show


So the question is…
Is this Menswear?  I own one of their shirts. Plus there’s art.
Great men’s shirts and clothing, great location (below),
interchangeable shelving for small space concept, great art, great gift ideas…

Check it out (guys and gals) – scroll our photos from the show!

Located:  1014 Meares Street, one block behind the Mosaic Building (top of Fort).


Clothing and a Show
Happened Tuesday December 16th.






















Photo Credit – Al Smith

Is This Menswear? Victoria BC
Local Designer – Wear if you like it!


Holiday Legs



Punch up any outfit with printed leggings or thigh-high sexy socks!
There’s a world of amazing options out there….. meet my friend Freni,
manager and shop keeper for “Heart & Sole.”

The variety and options will completely transform a look.
A new outfit is only a hot looking, sexy leg pattern away!


Freni is fun and delightfully knowledgable – our spontaneous coffee turned into a photo shoot….
the first ever entirely by IPhone for Threaditorial.
here are few photos from our time shooting #street style!

The full infinity scarf in bold crimson pulls it all together.









Discovery Street, Victoria BC