Behind the Scenes Blues

This month we go on location for a quick snap shot of local publication Y.A.M. at work in studio VIC42 with a custom couture piece from my collection #ss2016 Teresa Lindsay Couture. The design is a #geofashion dress done in soft cotton jersey with an 80’s angled pattern in blacks and royal blue. This creation came at the request of fashion stylist, Janine Metcalfe for a distinct series on a spread titled “Moody Blues.”

Special thanks to photographer Jeffery Bosdet, model Katie Keough, and make-up by Melodie Reynolds of Elate Cosmetics.


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.11.20 PM






The Perfect Purse

Some people love brands. Some “swim” in bold colour. Some want nothing to do with them.

What makes a great purse? Let’s explore some options and see where you may be able to discover hidden clues to a good looking purse with purpose.

It’s all in the details.



Statement pieces (bold coloured shoes or handbags) are able to take a simple quick day to day look and create some influential pow with serious colour. Brights for summer, reds and darks for winter.

Two handles or not two handles? That is the question. Straps and handles can get very tricky. Two on our shoulders are often easy to hold and open however, there is always one that never stays on the shoulder and constantly falls off. Our vote is find a purse with a strong one shoulder handle.



Weaves are great for summer and dress down more formal business looks. Just remember to keep them clean and look for solid tight weave for longer lasting purses.



This is the secret. The higher the quality look and feel of the hardware on the purse the more tasteful and expensive it looks. Even if the bag is not a designer brand. The one giveaway that it’s not, is the hardware.




More animal friendly quality bags are being produced everyday. Ensure that the bags you look for are within the standards of production that suite your personal ethics. Buy vintage to endorse the “reuse” concepts on leather items.




Statements are made by top designers with their logos and initials woven into the fibres of their handbags and accessories. We vote for tasteful and elegant however there other shoppers and purse owners who love splash and bling. There are plenty of options out there. Some less appropriate for work, yet wearing weekend or evening bags occasionally can spice up your look.




Shopping and Pinning on Pinterest are great ways to get inspiration! Use these tips to narrow down handbags you think you would need to replace worn bags or to take your look to the next level.

Next time we will look at function and compartments. One good time is to find a small cosmetic size or designer wallet that transfers with your favourite lip colour, mobile devise and cash / cards into any bag at any time….


Spring Layers – I

Thread Spring 2015 1-6230

Spotted a new hat fresh from France!
Yes the one on the left… and the layers of Westcoast Spring weather include
hats or toques with curls / waves, a pop of colour (reds and blues) and…

Thread Spring 2015 1-6237

 solid bottom darker colours that always keep you looking taller!

Thread Spring 2015 1-6238

Carry-all hand bag with fine finishings and multi-colour scarf to pull together with multiple outfits.

Thread Spring 2015 1-6239

City casual-chic ladies!

Thread Spring 2015 1-6240


Lower Johnson Street, Victoria BC


Window Shopping

windows fashion 2014-8580

Sometimes the best way to spend the day is window shopping with a girlfriend. Even on a lunch break or weekend getting in some fresh air during the cooler months or even in the heat of summer you know you can always dodge inside for a break form the weather! This is also a way to train your eye to look for layering techniques, latest colours and unique displays that make you consider new options in wardrobe or ways to wear what you already own!

Be spontaneous! Be fun! And Hydrate! Bring water or a hot beverage with you and wind up at great location for drinks or a meal afterwards!

Actor Rises in Style!

A day for re-vamping the wardrobe is sometimes all about the “search party,” this was exactly what I had in mind for local Fringe Actor/Producer Izad Etemadi. A celebration and making the experience fun! We went to one of my favourite hidden gems that would carry clothing and vintage looks that could possibly come close the adoring character of Mr. Izad himself – Duchess & Duke. The consignment options are well selected by owner, Kasia’s keen eye and we had a great time sorting through the rare to find collection of mens wear.

Izad took on new pieces with an open mind, pinks, horizontal stripes, light tan pants by Tommy H., and a fedora. The shoes were the highlight and a dinner jacket that goes with everything!

Looks to audition in! Or find a date in the big city!

Truly, Izad, you will win them over with your charm! Great work on your personal transformation, you really shine!


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