Island Layers Spring

Spring 2015-6241

Go all the way – if you layer get playful!
Ladies with layers and individual style explore spring layering….

Spring 2015-6243


Imagine this – they could switch boots!

Spring 2015-6245

Bold hair colour and fun ways to accessorize means owning the look.
Understandably not for everyone it’s all about expression with hair.

Spring 2015-6246

Hair ties and scarf combinations can mix things up in your weekend wardrobe.

Spring 2015-6247


Pets are people too. The most loving accessory!

Lower Johnson Street, Victoria BC

Toque Series – Black on Black

Jen 2014-8449

Click the image to reveal the whole look…

Weekends, days off and two-day or three-day hair wouldn’t be the same without them on the west coast.
This is especially fun when you pair the toque to your own hair colour…
add soft waves and your afternoon outdoors is quick and easy!

Quick morning tip:
If you go with a black toque any colour works in the middle if you pair it with black pants.

Find a few toques that work with your look, hair colour and pant / skirt collection.
Keep make up lush and natural.

Jen 2014-8456

#Streetstyle Model: Jennifer Utley of Seattle!
Founder of Project Girl Crush
Thank you for pausing for pictures. Please come back and visit us any time!

Discovery Street, Victoria, BC