Ivan Meade Shoot – Behind the Scenes



Principal designer and creative genius behind Meade Design Group
Ivan Meade strikes out to produce a coordinated collection of interior fabrics that is going to take the design world by storm. Palpable, elegant and timeless this memoir of Ivan’s life in fabric patterns and textures is sophisticated and breath taking.

“Being asked to participate in the production and styling for the marketing photo session was an incredible experience and true honour to work with such a talented production team and brilliant visionary such as Ivan,” expressed Threaditorial founder Teresa Lindsay.

Take a look at the behind the scenes photos in Ivan’s blog as he shares his experience working with Teresa and the team, from conception to final photograph.

Photography by Al Smith
Dress (12 yards of uncut fabric) by Monika Kurc
Model Mary Rubin
Hair by Renee Lalonde of Lab Salon
Make-up by Elate Cosmetics founder / artist Melodie Reynolds

One thought on “Ivan Meade Shoot – Behind the Scenes”

  1. Theresa – You were such a fundamental part in this project. I am really grateful and appreciative of all your support and how well everything was organzied. Thank you for assembling such an incredible team.


    Iván Meade
    Principal Designer
    Meade Design Group Ink

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