Iain Russell – Designer & Creative Director / Photographer

Any fashionable man or one who wants to care more about the way they dress (and means it) needs to consider reviewing the work of Iain Russell. He is bold, outspoken and isn’t stepping into the spotlight as a style icon with his blog. Really, its a public daily journal of images – Iain and what he wears each day.

In my conversation with Iain, he was very literal and rarely messes around about fashion which is refreshing. It’s also the way creatives and designers need to be to hold their own in flooded industries where there so much available that is poor quality.

On the subject of ‘what is fashion’ Iain stated, “Menswear is getting dressed.That’s it. And dressing for the weather. People look at fashion and say it’s scary. It is – when you are ‘trying to be fashionable.’ It should really be second nature. And you have to be interested to begin with. It’s about self educating. If you are not looking at fashion or appreciating it, you won’t become fashionable.”

His experience working in fashion retail also demonstrated for him that many shoppers couldn’t understand what was right in front of them – even with lots of great product. Iain feels it’s about the connection to fashion – working with someone -in person, or online, and sharing the excitement mutually when the customer finds what they want and sometimes steps out of their comfort zone.

(And we talked cameras for a bit… but of course.)


What would Iain say to someone who thinks getting dressed isn’t important?
(And by the way, he is even creative with workwear, inspired by his father.)

“It’s true what they say about judging a book by it’s cover because I have experienced it first hand. I can be allowed to play a roll because I wear a nice suit. Or am treated with more respect from an authority figure. If you don’t believe it try it, people notice.”

Iain is a blogger of images – is this menswear?

And creator /partner of a clothing line …..  Eng•lish

His business partner, who doesn’t understand creative types, manages the fabric importing and details. Iain is the designer / visionary and sources stores to buy the line. Together they make a great combination.
Iain knows, “…making clothes gives people jobs and producing in the province makes it, and the country stronger, but the majority of people here want the cheapest. Few in Victoria appreciate how much effort goes into bringing to the city even the smallest selection of high end designer lines. And I am looking to put creations inspired by here (Victoria/West Coast) into the world and if they like it elsewhere it would be great to see it in New York or Toronto.” (End of quote.)

I would like to summarize by saying Iain makes valid points – people should stop hiding behind their vehicles, walk to and from with weather layered attire and just get dressed. He made another point, “men dressed, gives more reason for women to wear their great clothes and nice shoes.”

(Oh and he has some pretty unique tattoos.)

DSCF2460 DSCF2462

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