Eriko – Hair Artist Plus

Having met Eriko a little over a year ago I realized that there was something extra special about her besides the fact she could do an excellent job of hair and make-up for my clients. Her “goddess” qualities shone through during my first make-up session with her for one of my own photo shoots. Eriko imparted life wisdom, tips of caring for myself and was a heaps of encouragement. Eriko is a self-proclaimed hair artist (anything your heart desires), make-up professional, and has a new line of great cosmetics Motives. Plus she can give you incredibly helpful, secret ancient Japanese beauty tips! I’z Hair Studio is her own studio. Eriko   I recently hosted a Fashion & Technology Workshop, during which Eriko gave skin and make-up tips to the group as an added bonus to the evening. So helpful, I started my new face washing routine the very next day! teresaworkshop-9

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