New Year New Beliefs

Something I personally find helpful to do all year is to reevaluate my mind processes and my thoughts. During a drive to town today I caught myself thinking “Why do men make more than women?” Than it hit me. “Who did I buy that from?” “Where and when did I get sold this belief.” So I decided, I decide.

This could be said for anything you think or believe.
Change what you think.

I’d like to add, change what you wear, just for fun!

Please share your eye opener thoughts for 2016….
Happy New Year!


Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.57.39 PM

Warmth & Colour

This time of year it is easy to fall in the black trap. We can certainly lighten our mood and feel the warmth of the season by switching up our outer layers with bright colours as well as colours that let us be seen in dark stormy weather, especially here on the wet-coast.
December 2015-6712


Without being tacky, some festive cloves in bright prints are both warm and practical. So make the prints playful!
December 2015-6716

Keep dry with umbrellas and hats that are also some unique colour so it easily coordinates with lots of items in your collection.
Mustard, red, tartan, for starters… or this wonderful moss.

December 2015-6717

Thank you Cloe – it was a great way to start my morning!
You are a wonderful person too.

December 2015-6718

Yates Street, Victoria BC

Warm Grey & Paprika

When cooler weather kicks in we need to be creative with layers and colours.
A fitted warm fleece with a pop of paprika will do the trick!   IMG_3389








Include clean lines and handbags or stylish backpack designs with details in the hardware and handles,
plus a blend of colours like this one that will go with almost anything for casual day wear.




Moss Street – Victoria, BC


Beige and Black Classic

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6644

Classic cream, beige and black stunning and simple!
Make this look with what you have in your wardrobe.
Heals, black and a skirt would work too.

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6655

Art-deco necklace is flashy and sharp finish.

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6646

All purpose leather black purse, you can never go wrong!

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6652

Soft edged hat, for day or evening…

Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6648


Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6647


Fall 2015 Cadie in Studio-6658


Al Smith Studio, Discovery Street, Victoria BC
Evening Street style taken indoors!

Layered Simplicity

Fall 2015 Threaditorial - Van Visitor-6571

Beauty in the fall leaves of Autumn finds a stranger from across the pond
in Ross Bay. The cemetery gardens by the ocean somehow makes a perfect October backdrop!

Fall 2015 Threaditorial - Van Visitor-6571-2

Our Vancouverite waits for her husband finishing up the Marathon…
Her layers so perfect weekend retreat West Coast wear – how so you ask?

Fall 2015 Threaditorial - Van Visitor-6573

All the pieces are elegant casual with simple, clean and golden / silver accents that are tasteful.
A small gold chain and gold zipper polish off her quilted vest.

Fall 2015 Threaditorial - Van Visitor-6572

A camel coloured handbag goes with “everything” and is fitting for short trips.

Ross Bay, Victoria BC

In Stride

Wrapped-up from strutting the runway the girls took to the streets to let off some much needed sultry walking for fun! Wearing #GeoFashion (low waste production pieces) in bold colour, silk chiffon, reclaimed leather (produced by Rad Juli), wire, and cotton bamboo. Headdresses / fascinators produced for TLC by Lynda Marie and custom jewelry by Lianna Beliveau . There were many hands on deck back stage the TLC team consisted of Cadie Fox, Andrea Lucik, Connally McDougall, and Alan Smith shooting photography. Special thanks was given to all the models with exclusive sample gifts of I+I=II #GeoFragrance produced for TLC by Karen Van Dyck. The front row received comp-cards from designer also sprayed with the fragrance. Incredible work by the models (left to right) Misty, Aisling, Tea, (Teresa), Bianca (hidden), Aria, Sacha, and Alannah. More images from the show coming!
Teresa Lindsay Couture.


Teresa Line Walking-3151