Actor Rises in Style!

A day for re-vamping the wardrobe is sometimes all about the “search party,” this was exactly what I had in mind for local Fringe Actor/Producer Izad Etemadi. A celebration and making the experience fun! We went to one of my favourite hidden gems that would carry clothing and vintage looks that could possibly come close the adoring character of Mr. Izad himself – Duchess & Duke. The consignment options are well selected by owner, Kasia’s keen eye and we had a great time sorting through the rare to find collection of mens wear.

Izad took on new pieces with an open mind, pinks, horizontal stripes, light tan pants by Tommy H., and a fedora. The shoes were the highlight and a dinner jacket that goes with everything!

Looks to audition in! Or find a date in the big city!

Truly, Izad, you will win them over with your charm! Great work on your personal transformation, you really shine!


IMG_0656 IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0659

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