2015 Women’s Fashion Show



Confidence is the key to a great sense of style and this show
reflected exactly that. Together our host Teresa Lindsay
worked to help meet with the women models on location at the represented
fashion retailers and select the fashions “with them” during a personal shopping experience….


Fun and bright – bold prints for any time of year… ¬†(Sunday’s Snowflakes, Matticks)


Comfort and sporty lifestyle dressing women of all ages can wear…. (Sunday’s Snowflakes, Matticks)


Gorgeous easy to wear dresses for anytime of year…. (Sunday’s Snowflakes, Matticks)


Travel wear that is light and wrinkle free with shoulder cover patterned… (Suzanne and Jenny’s, Broadmead)



During our break between designers and stores we spoke with Hair Stylist Eriko of I’Z Studios….


Fresh bright white and red create an ensemble worth twirling about…. (Mercedes Lane, Cook street Village)


Items with give and gather all in the right places that can be worn with dinner jackets… (Mercedes Lane, Cook Street Village)
Hat by local fashion milliner LyndaMarie Couture.


Elegant lines and the SECRET TO SLIM ARMS…. the SLEEVEY WONDER (Mercedes Lane, Cook Street Village)
Hat by local fashion milliner LyndaMarie Couture.


Pat our MC for the trade show dancing down the runway in outfits that suited her and the current styles…. (Mercedes Lane, Cook Street Village)
Hat by Lynda Marie Couture Millinery.


Shoes were not worn where the audience would miss them – they were actually handed around on silver platters…. (New Balance Shoes, Government Street)

Helping host the displays of shoes, Barbara is wearing the Signature piece shipped by designer Simon Chang’s team for this show specifically!


The fresh colours and feeling of clothing well matched resulted in a confidence appearance the models could each attest to…. (Taylor Lynn, Oak Bay Ave)


Cape coats for evenings out around town are wonderful addition to a woman’s wardrobe…. (Taylor Lynn, Oak Bay Ave)


Pop of colour with footwear and scarfs tied in the circular and more popular current fashion – as a infinity scarf,,,
note the mess top, not an issue with age here…. (Taylor Lynn, Oak Bay Ave)


Direct from Simon Chang’s latest collection for spring and summer and shipped just for this show!
The lapel piece you see is a Connect Hearing Devise used for enabling the wearer to hear phones, cell phones, the door and other electronics from anywhere in the home.


An amazing group of women showcasing this spring’s Lifestyle collection of fashions and shown here at the end of the show with
Threaditorial’s Teresa Lindsay (giving thanks) all¬†wearing Simon Chang’s latest collection.

Until the next show, be bold, be kind and be your savvy, sexy selves!

Senior Living Expo, Spring 2015.

Photos by Geoff of Lensflare Photography.
Fashion Show Sponsored by Connect Hearing.

Backdrop by Robazzo.

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